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Hog Run BBQ

Springfield, KY 40069,

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Our business is named after an area called Hog Run. It is a small creek that was once used for herding hogs through to a train station, to be shipped to market. It's where our backyard bbq started, with a desire to produce the best sauces and rubs for all meats. It started with friendly competitions, local competitions, and now a food truck and catering business. We are excited to share our rubs and sauces with others! Plenty more to come soon!

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"Excellent BBQ! You can tell after the first bite that a lot of effort goes into the final product"


"The rub is awesome! Couldn't believe how well it worked on fish"


"We had Hog Run BBQ for lunch! It is amazing!! 10 out of 10 stars!!"

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